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Boldenone - dosage

Boldenone, the effect of which is very positive and impressive, is a universal remedy. This means that it can be successfully applied in various courses and cycles aimed, for example, on weight gain, or a narrower specialization.

The main task of the product is drying. In addition, a useful property should be added to this list - minimal aromatization. boldenone This means that a little fluid builds up in the body.

Quite often, athletes use this drug instead of nandrolone. This is a completely adequate replacement, because both drugs can not have a significant effect on the synthesis of natural testosterone.

The main disadvantage of the Boldenone rate for mass is the too heavy and long chain of ethers. As a result, the anabolic, slowly, and in small quantities begins to work, since a third of the weight of the product goes to the non-working areas of the body.

To neutralize this disadvantage, a combination of acetate and enanthate is used. So far, these are only laboratory tests. But it is quite possible that after some time Boldenone will be used on the basis of a complex of these components.